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Press the shutter
to keep this moments.

We make
every moment
for you special

Polaroid is the most beautiful representation of a moment.
Record every moment you want to remember and share it with your loved ones.

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Now Instant Camera

Capture and keep your everyday moments forever with the Polaroid Now.
Our new analog instant camera comes with autofocus to help you catch life
as you live it in that iconic Polaroid instant film format.

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    Technical Specifications

      Polaroid Film background image



      Watch the perfect moment come to life imperfectly with Polaroid Instant Film.
      With various films, you can leave various photos according to the atmosphere and taste.

      More Film
      Polaroid Film white imagePolaroid Film Metallic Spectrum Edition image(red and orange)Polaroid Film Metallic Spectrum Edition image(purple and green)

      Any Vibe,


      Music Player

      The Polaroid speaker is a true stand-out,
      bringing back big boombox energy with its retro-futuristic vibes.
      The Polaroid also features the full functionality of the Polaroid Music App,
      meaning you can easily set up your favorite music channels.

      Music Player1 image Music Player2 image Music Player3 image Music Player4 image


        Keith HaringPOLAROID

        Hold on to Keith Haring’s artistic legacy forever
        with this special edition Polaroid camera featuring
        his love of bold color and illustrations that take on a life of their own.
        Also, Create your own rules with a Polaroid camera and film inspired
        by art’s rebel with a cause.

        Polaroid Film Keith Haring Collaboration Edition image Polaroid Camera Keith Haring Collaboration Edition image Keith Haring's point picture



        Motivated vintage advertisements and images meet
        Polaroid's unique impressions
        and instantly create an all-encompassing style.
        We will look for you in the style you want to cherish forever.
        Perpetuate the color and style of the moment with Polaroid × Lacoste.

        Lacoste Collaboration Edition Fashion(Sweatshirts) image Lacoste Collaboration Edition Fashion(PK shirts) image Lacoste Collaboration Edition Camera image Lacoste Logo image
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            Shift into the director’s seat with tripod mode.
            A new app tool that allows for up to 60-minute long exposures
            in low light — minus the flash.
            Tripod mode keeps the camera shutter open for longer
            to let light in, giving you a sharp Polaroid photo in moody,
            low-light conditions.

            Steps to start creating

            Connect to the Polaroid mobile app and select ‘Tripod’.
            Use the tripod mount on the Polaroid camera and a tripod
            or table to steady your shot.
            Keep the flash away to let the natural light and hues seep into your photo.
            Make sure your talent stays still too to avoid any blurring.
          • App


            The easier way to control focus in your photos.
            Go from sharp faces to blurred backgrounds in just one swipe.
            A new Polaroid tool to help every creative use depth of field.

            Steps to start creating

            Connect to the Polaroid mobile app and select ‘Aperture’.
            Select your f-stop and let the Polaroid Camera
            find the best exposure time.
            A lower f-stop will give your photo a blurry background,
            while a higher f-stop will get more of your composition in focus.
            To play with depth of field, position your props and talent
            at different distances.
          • App


            Make the darkness your canvas with light painting.
            Flick on your phone flashlight and craft your idea
            in the sky using words, shapes or whatever you can imagine
            for a Polaroid photo you could never plan.

            Steps to start creating

            Connect to the Polaroid mobile app and select ‘Light Painting’.
            Once you tap the button, the shutter
            on the Polaroid opens for a long exposure. Use any light source,
            but the brighter the better.
            Try a handheld light or use the app to switch on your phone flashlight.
          • App


            Get two moves in one with double exposure.
            Mix angles, layer ideas
            and clash influences together inside one Polaroid photo.
            With our famous film chemistry, you can expect the unexpected.

            Steps to start creating

            Connect to the Polaroid mobile app and select ‘Double Exposure’.
            Capture your first angle to fill one side of the frame.
            Once the first exposure is taken, the app tells you
            that the camera is ready for the second.
            Remember where your first exposure was taken and create
            some space to capture the second exposure.
            Mix in a new shape or angle to make it more abstract.
          • Polaroid App Tripod Mode menu image
          • Polaroid App Aperture Priority menu image
          • Polaroid App Light Painting menu image
          • Polaroid App Double Exposure menu image
          • Example film image with Tripod Mode applied
          • Example film image with Aperture Priority applied
          • Example film image with Light Painting applied
          • Example film image with Double Exposure applied

            Iconic Polaroid

            Polaroid Club

            Offer special benefits to users who join the Polaroid Club.
            We are always updating new benefits to satisfy all users.

            • Custom Film Design

              We will create a special film design
              that you want.
            • Photography Skills Training

              We regularly train you on tips
              to get the most out of your Polaroid.
            • Limited Edition Goods

              Limited edition goods
              only available to club users.
            • Discount Code

              Discount coupons are provided
              periodically to Polo Ride Club users.
            • Free Repair

              Free repair is provided to club users.
              A dedicated representative
              will connect you directly.
            • Join the polaroid Club


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            • Released the Polaroid Go, the world's smallest analog printing instant camera.
              In addition, with the motif of 'Polaroid Go'
              they released a new fall product with 'Polaroid Style'
              a lifestyle wear brand with a novel and pleasant imagination
              and showed off a FW season pictorial.

            • In the Japanese movie "Love Letter",
              the female protagonist used a Polaroid camera.
              The 'sx-70' model once again becomes a model loved by many people.

            • David Hockney’s “Paint Trolley, L.A. 1985” was born.
              It is a work of art made by concatenating multiple Polaroid photos
              to complete a single picture.

            • Andy Warhol's love for Polaroids is famous.
              He loved the sx-70 model and took pictures of several celebrities.
              Also took his face 'Andy Warhol with Camera' photo
              also sold for $146,500.

            • The world's first folding SLR camera ever engineered
              and the world's first instant camera to use integral film.
              The SX-70 revolutionized upon these previous instant film drawbacks
              by utilizing a film that was self-contained.

            • The first instant cameras appeared
              at the Jordan Marsh department store in Boston, Massachusetts.
              The price is $89.95. About 60 products were sold out on the first day.
              This is the ‘Model 95’, which is the prototype of the Polaroid Land camera.
              Since then, there have been dozens of Polaroid models in the 1960s.

            • At a meeting of the American Optical Society,
              the process of exposing film photo paper to light and developing
              it on the fly was announced
              and had a public demonstration without human intervention.

            • In a vacation to Santa Fe with his three-year daughter, Jennifer,
              he took a picture of her.
              She asked why she could not see the picture her father just took of her,
              within an hour, he already had the idea for the Polaroid camera.
              After this trip, research for the development of this idea began immediately.

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